The more you know! I'm assuming we've all been there. You drank too much coffee or ate a giant meal with friends or family before you hit the road and now you have GOT to go. As the mile markers whiz by you realize, you are nowhere near a rest stop and it's getting serious. If only you would have packed a roll of toilet paper in your emergency kit. The napkins you use for sniffles have long since been thrown out and there is not one wet nap to be found. What do you do?

Find a Safe Plant to Wipe Your Booty

I found this incredible Facebook group called Wandering Washington. It includes gorgeous photos of waterfalls and hidden places to go hiking all across Washington State and one of the members, Hannah Frances, put together some photos of plants she has used to wipe her tush!

When in a pinch you can use these items to get a clean wipe and continue on your way, with much more comfort than before. This method is also MUCH better for the environment so take note and if you know of more plants in the area, send them my way and I will add them to the list!

I find the thimbleberry leaves are great when you put them in a stack of three. They’re bigger than your palm so they do the job - Hannah Frances

Plants in Washington Safe to Wipe With

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