There's no food shortage and no need to panic and buy large quantity of items. That's the message from Chris Brown, the president of Wray's Marketfresh IGA in Yakima.

Brown says like other grocery stores in the valley, they've been selling large quantities of toilet paper, Lysol wipes, cleaning supplies, beans and rice. He says there's no indication that there are shortages in any of those areas because manufacturers are doubling efforts to produce items.

He says any current shortages are caused by people buying in large quantities. He says supplies come in every day and many items don't sit on the shelf long. The No. 1 sellers for Wray's? Hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes. Brown says people visit the store every day looking for those specific items. He says other than those two items, he doesn't see any problems with the food supply chain that would cause people to buy items in a panic.

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