The Yakima County Prosecutor issued a statement Friday saying he wasn't filing charges against a family in West Valley after a home invasion last Sunday morning in which two suspects were killed. Prosecutor Joe Brusic the family acted in self defense and won't be charged for the stabbing deaths of Brian Joaquin Perez and Chase Daniel Rogers. Brusic says The Yakima Police Department aggressively investigated the incident and provided Brusic with reports, statements and photographs that he says he thoroughly reviewed. He says he used that information to arrive at the decision to not file criminal charges.
The news release from the Yakima County Prosecutors Office provided details of the deadly home invasion.
"During the early morning hours last Sunday, 0412212018, the above-named decedents, Perez and Rogers, went to find the girlfriend of Perez on or around 64ft Avenue in the West Valley area of Yakima. It was their understanding that she was located across from the Ahtanum View Corrections Center. Perez and Rogers believed she would be located at the residence across from the Center which is a single family residence occupied by the three victims of this robbery/assault. In that residence at the time were three individuals who were sleeping. Shortly before 4 am, their front door was forcibly kicked in and Perez and Rogers entered unlawfully into this residence. Mr. Perez was armed with a knife. The male owner left his bedroom, came into the hallway and told the perpetrators to immediately leave. The owner was armed with a sheathed knife approximately 12 inches in length. Perez came over to the homeowner, demanded money and stabbed the owner four times with the last lower wound in the abdomen being the most serious. At that time, the homeowner's wife and adult son came into the hallway and the five individuals became embroiled in a fight. When the adult male homeowner saw his wife and son beaten and stabbed, he unsheathed his knife and defended himself and his family with lethal force. Ultimately, the homeowner successfully wounded both assailants. Mr. Rogers sustained a life-threatening laceration to his arm which severed his artery. Mr. Perez sustained three wounds to his side and chest with the most serious one to his abdomen which cut the upper part of his liver and the lower part of his lung. Both men ran out of the house at that point. All three victims remained in the house but all were injured from the attack upon them inside the house.
Now outside, the assailants attempted to leave in their vehicle. They were not successful. Both left the vehicle and attempted to flee, Perez into the surrounding orchard and Rogers on an embankment to the northeast of the residence. The Yakima Police Department began to arrive, stabilized the scene and attended to the victims as well as the perpetrators. Both men, who had unlawfully entered the residence and attempted to rob them at knifepoint, succumbed to their injuries while on the property as a direct result of the stab wounds they received."
After reviewing all the facts in the case Brusic says he believes the family was acting in self defense and that no charges will be filed in the case.

Brusic is expected to appear on The Morning News on KIT next Week. Stay tuned!


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