Golf is one of the oldest sports in the world, founded in Scotland and traveled the world to become a loved sport. Usually, you have to wait until the sun is out and the day is nice enough for you to play, but is that a thing of the past?

There's a park in Yakima that's holding one-time-only Night golf depending on how well it does, this is a chance for you to grab. your clubs and enjoy a round at night. Of course, you'll have to register and buy tickets to attend but we'll cover all of that and more in this. As well as the rumor that it may return and when.

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Where The Night Golf is Taking Place

Fisher Park Golf Course will be hosting the night golf, they're hoping to be able to do it again next month but it's a wait-and-see depending on participation and of course the main factor the weather. Fisher Park Golf Course is located at 823 S 40th ave, across from Eisenhower High School.

When is it and How much?

It's taking place on August 19th on a Friday a perfect day to stay out late and golf for those of you starting your weekend. It's also for an extremely fair price, for only $20 you can hit the green and play a full round at their 9-hole course. So gather up friends and family for. a night filled with fun on the green. Tickets can be purchased at the golf course, for more information follow the link below to their website where you can find their hours and number.


Fisher Park Golf Course Website 


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