4th District Congressman Dan Newhouse says he's in agreement with General Jim Mattis that using the U.S. active military to stop violence in American cities is the wrong answer. In a statement released Today Newhouse says "I do not believe we should utilize active-duty military to address these eruptions, but rather let local and state law enforcement officers - in some cases with the support of the National Guard - do their job: protecting our communities and enforcing just law and order."
Newhouse invites everyone in Central Washington to join him in listening and reflecting on the fact that everyone shares the same life experiences. Newhouse says "we can all do more to empower our neighbors and build a more peaceful and just society."
He says President Trump is right that those in poor communities are the primary victims of the rioting and looting. Newhouse says America must ensure our citizens, small businesses, and communities are kept safe.

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