LYNCHPIN is one cool place.  It's a non-profit social learning community for students with autism and as I say, it's one cool place .

LYNCHPIN was founded in October 2013 by Erin Lynch, her husband Rob and their sons, Jake & Drew.  Their boys were diagnosed with autism at the ages of 3 & 5.

After volunteering at Children’s Village, and hearing other families express their greatest concern - “How will our children become accepted and engaged members of our community?” Erin went to work to answer that question and Lynchpin was born.  The organization offers a variety of innovative approaches to develop critical social skills in both structured and unstructured environments.

Weekly “Social Groups” formed around participants age, common interests and areas for social growth, provide the perfect foundation for building skills in a safe and nurturing environment. Weekends are made for practicing these new skills by offering themed clubs and activities like Dungeons & Dragons, NERF League, Teen Night, LEGO Club & Minecraft Society.

This Thursday, October 17 Lynchpin invites you to an open house and 6 year celebration fro 4:-- to 6:30 pm. including a Short Presentation by Pacific Northwest University President Dr. Michael Lawler MSW, PhD.

Lynchpin is located at 1200 Chesterley Drive Suite 180. Yakima, WA   (509) 895-7611   ERIN Cell: (509) 961-0700

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