Figuring out how to pay all the bills, the rent, feed yourself and the kids, purchase winter clothes, and handle unexpected expenses in a pandemic with no income, SUCKS!

Sometimes squeezing the stress ball just isn't going to cut it

There is no other way to say it. If you're stressed and don't know where to turn, The Latino Community Fund says, "come here mija's and mijo's. We got you!"

The sun will shine and you are going to be alright

From now through December 31st, 2020 The Latino Community Fund has a special project called the Eviction Rent Assistance Program (ERAP) Grant. It's part of Yakima County's response to the Covid-19 disaster.

You get paid and you get paid and you get paid!

The program is set-up to prevent evictions that would contribute to the spread of the virus by paying past due, current due, and future rent.

crushing those bills into dust


Your family will be safe and warm and protected

The stress that you have silently been carrying around can dissipate. The prayers that you have been sending up and feeling like they are going unanswered are being handled. The ERAP is also targeting limited resources to those with the greatest needs while working to distribute funds equitably.

Where are the families most in need?

The most beautiful part about this is it's a grant, meaning you don't have to pay it back. You aren't going to owe The Latino Community Fund, putting you in even more debt but if you qualify, I'm sure they wouldn't mind a thank you card!

Music speaks to the soul and the Latino Community Fund wants your soul to soar

So please, take a deep breath and contact Josh, to get the process started They will work hard to qualify you.

Slaven Vlasic

Do you need to be Latino? No, you do not, you just need to be in need.

We're in this together, remember?

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