After meeting the President of the United States and making multiple appearances on national news programs, a Zillah science teacher is back in the classroom.

Jeff Charbonneau got a big welcome back from his students Monday. He said it's very humbling to see students and staff get so excited for him.

Charbonneau just got back from Washington D.C. where he was named the National Teacher of the Year.

Some of Charbonneau's many teaching accomplishments include expanding science and engineering programs at Zillah High School and starting a robotics team. Those efforts have not gone unnoticed, even by President Obama himself.

"He said something to the effect of boy you really love your job, and I said with all do respect sir I have the greatest job in the world," said Charbonneau. "I wouldn't want yours, and he turned and said teaching that's where it's at and then just really gave a lot of credit to the teachers in his own life."

Charbonneau said the entire experience has made him more appreciative of educational achievements in the Yakima Valley.

After finishing out the school year in Zillah spend the next year traveling the country talking to other school districts about Zillah's success.