So many things have happened in this country that have made me shake my head, get angry and even freak out a time or two.My biggest problem is how people treat other people -- African-Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians and anyone else. If you live in the United States of America then you are an American. It is pretty much that simple. It does not matter what color you are or what religion you adhere to. It shouldn't matter.

My family consists of many colors. My uncles and aunts are of different races. Some are adopted, like me, and some have married different kinds of people of different colors. I don't see color. I see the human being for who they are.

Ninety-eight percent of my family serves our country in one way or another, and one thing in my life that has always been absolute is our USA flag. I have never thought twice about defending it.

Our Constitution was based on some extremely good values. One of those values is to defend our country, our flag and our freedom.

I absolutely understand some of the reasons why people are not standing up for the national anthem lately. Some people have lost sight to the word "human" and are seeing color, religion, etc., not who the person is.

What if we were all blind? What if we didn't have eyes? What would happen then?

We wouldn't see color, so the only thing left to fight about would be religion. I suppose people would be talking about it. 'What, you are a Mormon? Well I am going to kill you because I am a Catholic." Then the Mormon would say, "Well, good luck finding me because you cannot see!"

But seriously, even without eyes we would still be proud of where we are and our country, don't you think? I say yes -- we'd be extremely proud!

Our Constitution also says that we have the right to do what we want. Stand or sit, practice any religion, wear whatever clothes we want, drive whatever car we want and say whatever we want to say. (Within reason.)

But just keep in mind as you are sitting through the national anthem in protest (because you can), that the USA flag, that flag that represents the Constitution -- your freedom -- is also coming out. That is the reason why you should stand. Out of gratitude for your FREEDOM out of respect for your country and out of respect for our veterans! You know, those who may have lost their legs and may not be able to stand. Stand for the flag and for them, not for the national anthem.

Even if you don't have eyes to see the USA Flag, remember that our nation needs to come together, and stand up for that. If you can picture everyone standing, then we have succeeded as a country.

Those who oppress others because of their color or religion or whatever they are complaining about will get what's coming to them by us who get you, get your reasoning and want to stay free and remain one awesome, amazing country.


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