Here’s a reason not to make the news…an outbreak  of MUMPS – and yet we have.  CBS News is reporting an outbreak of 290 cases in five counties in Washington State.

Mumps is a viral infection spread through infected saliva. It can be prevented through the M-M-R (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.  The Washington State Department of Health is urging people to get immunized and to take steps to prevent further spread.

CBS News says the Washington state department of health reports 160 cases in King County, which includes Seattle. And there are now 90 people in Spokane sick with mumps. Officials also say at least 35 cases have been confirmed in Pierce County. So what is it about Washington?  Who knows? Arkansas, Iowa, Indiana, Oklahoma, and New York have also recently seen spikes in mumps cases

As a "survivor" of childhood mumps I remember two things - a super sore throat and popsicles !

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