Washington has Iconic musicians, actors, scientists, and artists that have taken the world by storm. Go figure we would want a movie about their life and would do anything to get it. Sure we've gotten documentaries and tv series about some but we want the deep dive of a biopic.

So many famous people have gotten biopics over the years like Queen, Motley Cruë, Elton John even the latest movie to come out about Elvis. So why not make a biopic on some of the most influential people in the world that are from right here in the PNW?

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5.) Bill Gates

A movie about a young Bill Gates struggling through school and trying to find something that actually challenged the young genius would be a movie for the decades. The risk, fear, heartbreak, and success of Bill Gates are one most people don't know the full story behind and one people would pay good money to see.

4.) Lane Staley

Lane Staley lived fast and sadly passed away young, tho in his time as the lead singer for Alice in Chains he poured his heart and soul onto pages that would capture the hearts of billions. His life story may be a sad one but one that could show the damages of drug use and the true story of a musical genius at the same time.

3.) D.B Cooper

The story captivated people around the world, tho no true identities have ever been revealed and the exact reasons why D.B did what he did or where he ended up after jumping off that plane. But Why not make a movie around the flight attendant who has the whole story to tell. The flight attendant was the first to be warned that he had a bomb on the plane, he spoke thru her to pilots and even the police. A movie about the woman who through the most on a normal day at work would captivate not only those curious about D.B Cooper but the working woman or men themselves.

2.) Jimmy Hendrix

Jimmy Hendrix without a doubt has one of the most interesting lives among most Seattle Musicians. Joining the Airforce to avoid the draft to Vietnam, Hendrix became a paratrooper. While training he would break his leg and be awarded an honorable discharge. Even tho his music career didn't take off in the states but in England, his life story and time in Seattle would be one to make billions at the box office.

1.) Kurt Cobain

There have been talks for years of a Kurt Cobain movie, sadly it's been halted time and time again by his widow Courtney Love. At one point Robert Pattinson was in talks to play the Nirvana frontman but Courtney said he would never play her husband. Kurt was another tragic story, years of abuse, homelessness, drugs, and then finding worldwide fame. Not even fame could fulfill what Kurt thought he wanted in life. He didn't want to be famous, he wanted to be an icon like his musical heroes. Sadly Kurt passed away at the age of 27 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. However, the time in between or even in his early years would be a movie worthy of multiple Oscar nominations.


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