A toast to the ladies who are apparently making lots of toasts on their own! This latest update from here in Hops Country - Women are increasingly embracing beer.

For perspective, according to the Gender Pint Gap report, while the percentage of women drinking beer is up double digits, still, just one in six women drink beer at least once a week compared to about half of men.

So why are women not into beer? Reasons given include - Fear of developing a "beer belly," "sexist" marketing, and negative perceptions of flavor by women.

Researchers say women still hold misconceptions about beer and  in our supposedly enlightened times, many of the female respondents cited 'being judged by others" as a reason for not drinking beer.

Ladies, we in the Yakima Valley don't judge, in fact we encourage the responsible enjoyment of beer flavored by our hops!  CHEERS!

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