Hardly a day goes by on the Morning News when we don't talk about some aspect of wearing masks during the pandemic.  Well,another day, another mixed message about wearing masks to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus.   I'm the middleman here.  I'll present the two opinions and you decide, but remember, in Washington, the Governor has already decided for us.

For all the coverage of controversy over wearing face masks to protect against the spread of the coronavirus, a new poll suggests that the debate is actually over, with an overwhelming 82 percent of voters surveyed saying not only are they in favor of wearing masks, but they agree there should be a national mask mandate. (do you believe it's that high?)

The new Hill-HarrisX poll also showed that 61 percent "strongly" back the idea. The support is also bipartisan for a mandate, with 93 percent of Democrats in favor, 85 percent of independents and 66 percent of Republicans. The poll was conducted last week.

That's one take.  It's a different story in the Netherlands.

According to Forbes on-line, "Dutch public health officials are unbending with respect to what they consider to be lack of scientific evidence on the efficacy of non-medical masks in limiting the spread of the novel coronavirus. On Wednesday, July 29th, at a press conference, officials maintained the line they’ve adopted since March: “There’s no scientific evidence for the efficacy of non-medical masks...And so,.... there will be no mask mandate in the Netherlands. With the exception of required usage of face coverings in public transportation."


And so it goes. One group of experts say one thing, a different group of experts say something else.  Where's the truth. How is the average person to know?  How much does trust in your elected officials factor in?  We do know a bad case can kill you, so factor the "facts" and make your choice.  Rest assured we no doubt talk about it on the radio!

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