Daddy's girl, momma's boy - are terms often used to tease or mildly disparage an individua'ls reliance on or clinging to a parent as one moves beyond the age of dependence.

The truth is, your willingness to hang out with your parents may actually help them live longer.

Women's Health reports on University of California, San Francisco, research which found loneliness plays a big role in the decline so often associated with old age. Researchers followed over 1,500 adults in their 70's and found, despite controlling for socioeconomic statue and health, the lonely individuals consistently died sooner than those who had adequate companionship.

Besides inviting older relatives and friends to hang out, it's important to encourage elderly relationships. Older folks tend to thrive in independent or assisted living environments, which provide a place to mingle, connect, and thrive.

So mom gave you the gift of life.  Stay connected and involved and return the favor by giving her the gift of a longer life.

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