• New Study Says CPR Life-Saving Window Closes Fast

  • Rate Falls From Saving 1 in 5 to Just 1 in 100

  • CPR is NOT like it's Portrayed On Television

When it comes to saving lives with CPR it is literally now or never. A HealthDay article in US News & World Report highlights a new study out of the University of Pittsburg Emergency Medicine Center where doctors looked at nearly 350,000 hospital patient cardiac arrest cases.

A person’s chance of surviving cardiac arrest while receiving CPR declines from 22% after one minute of chest compressions to less than 1% after 39 minutes of compressions
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It's critical to remember what happens during a cardiac arrest.  The heart stops pumping and oxygen doesn't get to the brain.  The study found that the chance of escaping major brain damage drops from 15% after one minute of CPR to less than 1% after 32 minutes.


Heart Attack - Cardiac Arrests. A Distinction with A Difference

It's important to note that a heart attack and cardiac arrest are not the same thing. According to the American Heart Association

A heart attack is when blood flow to the heart is blocked. Sudden cardiac arrest is when the heart malfunctions and suddenly stops beating. A heart attack is a “circulation” problem and sudden cardiac arrest is an “electrical” problem.


How Long Should You Perform CPR?

On TV the hero usually does about five compressions and yells, "Come on" followed by another 3 or 4 more and resuscitation occurs.  Real-life CPR would eat up 1/4 of the time allotted for a half-hour drama.  Researchers found that :

two-thirds of patients responded to CPR within an average of seven minutes, while 33% failed to re-establish a heartbeat after an average 20 minutes of CPR.

Jennie Garth Joins Visit Anaheim To Donate Life Saving CPR Kits To Local Anaheim High Schools
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The American Heart Association has more about CPR

Since fast action is the key to positive outcomes it behooves all of us to know how to quickly begin proper CPR procedures while emergency medical teams are on their way.  Mercy Medical and American First Aid & CPR Training are two places you can go in Yakima to get properly trained.

American First Aid & CPR Training says their goal is to train as many people as possible in these simple life-saving skills.

Our company was established in January 2005 in Yakima, Washington although we have been certified and instructing since 1979, having taught more than 20,000 students in BLS/AHA, and a total of nearly 50,000 students in all classes.

The bottom line is that in life-threatening emergencies we are our brother's keeper.  Fast-acting CPR does save lives. Imagine the helplessness you would feel if you were among the 70% of people who don't know CPR and someone in your presence needed CPR to live and all you knew how to do was to stand by and watch through the tears in your eyes.

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CPR Training Is Affordable, Available And Effective

the overall survival rate for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is around 10%. However, survival rates can be improved if <a href="https://www.mycprcertificationonline.com/courses/cpr/layperson" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer">bystander CPR</a> is started immediately. Studies have shown that <a href="https://www.mycprcertificationonline.com/courses/cpr/layperson" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer">bystander CPR</a> can double or triple the chances of survival for someone experiencing cardiac arrest. In fact, the AHA reports that survival rates can increase to 40% or higher when <a href="https://www.mycprcertificationonline.com/courses/cpr/layperson" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer">bystander CPR</a> is performed promptly

Take a class and bring a friend because in the time of need, it just might be you who needs to receive potentially life-saving CPR.

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