So was it Socrates or Aristophanes?  Or maybe ... your dad? The quote goes something like,  "The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders....Children are now tyrants".

That was more than 25-hundred years ago.....oh and don't forget the modern classic..embellishment of "and I had to walk up hill in the snow, 3 miles, to and from school in the winter" know the deal.

It's what every generation complains and fears about the upcoming generation. Their changes and interests are upsetting and we question if they are even in the best interest of the kids themselves and the nation in general?

I get it.  I sound a little like my father and don't mind calling myself a dinosaur.  I'm sure my music and my longish hair seemed like the end of the world to my parents.  Fashions change, music changes, slang changes, all kinds of trends come and go.  A certain amount of CHANGE is inevitable.

So why does this one bug me so much ? ("bug me" - old school saying)

I'm talking about the 2021 Nevada State MISS U.S.A. pageant,  The winner, who is now eligible for the national pageant and ultimately the MISS Universe Pageant is not a MISS in any sense of the word. Since 1600, "Miss"  has been short for Mistress, a young, single girl.

That's a bit more of a change than bell bottoms and the Beatles.

A transgender woman by the name of Kataluna Enriquez has won the Miss Nevada USA title - a first in the pageant’s history and Enriquez now heads out to the national Miss USA competition scheduled for November 29.  Kataluna Enriquez has participated in transgender pageants since 2016, but only started entering in female-only pageants as of last year.

The National Review posted this quote from Enriquez, "One thing that is important for me is inclusivity, diversity and representation. It’s something I did not have growing up and is still lacking in today’s world,” said Enriquez. “Today I am a proud transgender woman of color. Personally, I’ve learned that my differences do not make me less than, it makes me more than.”

Allow me to ask - More than or less than what?  A person? A pageant competitor?  A woman?  I guess you can tell yourself that. After all, you looked in the mirror and told yourself you weren't what you saw in the reflection and you've taken that pretty far.

I don't begin to claim I know the fist thing about how a transgender person thinks.  They are different from the statistical norm.  They are in the extreme minority.  And yet do they think all that should somehow not be considered in their consideration?

More from the National Review, "Enriquez’s achievement comes as a heated debate over the fairness of allowing transgender individuals to compete in sex-specific sporting events consumes many Republican-dominated states, public schools, and the nation at large. Those in favor of barring transgender competitors from athletics reserved for women argue that transitioned people still retain their physical advantages from undergoing puberty over their biologically female counterparts, making the playing field unequal."

Despite what some may want to think, there are chemical, hormonal and physical differences that even experts cosmetics and cosmetic surgery don't change.

There is no way other than to say it than in plain simple dinosaur-speak.  You are different Kataluna.  Not less than, not more than, just different than...and all the thinking, dreaming, wanting and wishing doesn't make it otherwise.  Should you face abuse or ridicule for that? Hell NO!  Do you deserve respect and human dignity and inclusion in the family of man -so to speak?  Of Course!  But to what extent should the mainstream of society have to alter its natural course to accommodate your divergence?

We are a great nation and we have laws and rules to protect people who for whatever reason are different.  We have wider doors and hallways to allow for easier passage of wheelchairs.  Nobody chooses to be a a wheelchair but because some are born into them and other may wind up in them, we try to make their path wider and easier.  We have wheelchair basketball and the Paralympics games and other inclusionary opportunities. We had a president in a wheelchair and three Governors including the current Governor of Texas in wheelchairs but we don't pretend the chair and need for the wheelchair doesn't exist.

We have laws and our natural human goodness and values to protect you and include you as much as possible and is reasonable.   But is it reasonable that you, as a biological man, enter and be "judged" the winner of a Miss pageant?  It that a virtual signal by well intended but misguided organizers, is it moment of woke euphoria and a chance to "send a message", is it a John Lennon "Imagine" moment, or what?  (Lennon was in the Beatles...with bell bottoms...and long hair)

If the answer is yes - this is a new reality, than we have to throw out what it means to be a Miss, don't we?  Then it's not a MISS USA what is it then?   The best remodeled block of human clay pageant? The best personal makeover pageant?  (I mean it IS a beauty pageant, isn't it? or do we change that too?)

I realize your Nevada win won't bring about the end of western civilization.  But where do we draw the line?  Or do we?  Does society need norms and conventions to survive ...or do we?   Can't you celebrate your "you-ness" without compromising or changing my me-ness?  And should I risk "being canceled" for even asking the question?

I don't want to ostracize or exclude you from doing or becoming all you can be in this life. But being accepted as something you are not is not happening with me or millions of others.  Even the approach to this very "conversation" marks you as different.  You aren't Miss Nevada.  You are the transgender woman who won the Miss Nevada pageant..

I can't escape that reality and I'm not sorry to say that I don't want to escape that reality.  I need a world where words mean what they mean. A stable world requires solid ground.  I agree that the TRUTH shall set us all free. If we all lived by the truths in the universe things would be better for us all.

My truth, beliefs and opinions are not unique to me on this.  Millions feel as I do and I suppose millions support you too?   SO we have to agree to disagree.  Call yourself what you want and keep the crown...and while I have always enjoyed the pageants in the past, I don't have to watch... and that's OK...we can co-exist ...unless... you demand I accept you as a MISS or try to cancel me if I don't.   People like me aren't looking for trouble, we are just looking for solid ground that makes sense.  Allow us that.

And allow young women the chance to fairly compete.  It's tough enough for the ladies to beat their beautiful, well spoken, socially engaged peers without adding the weight of having to overcome some kind of woke world perspective on making a stand for the equality of the sexes.

Let the Misses have their moment.

FOX 5 News in Las Vegas covered the pageant.

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