Divorce is sad and sometimes tragic event in the lives of millions of Americans.  Some marriages just weren’t meant to be?  I can’t speak with impartiality because I am a guy who’s been divorced.  I take the blame for my break ups but it seems that your job can really affect how your marriage turns out.

Career website Zippia analyzed U.S. Census Data and discovered the group with the highest divorce rate by age 30 was first-line enlisted military supervisors, with a divorce rate of 30 percent.  There is a sacrifice to be made to serve your country and if it’s your job to lead operations and coordinating activities of enlisted military personnel it could be a high price indeed.

In fact, military service jobs took three of the top 10 spots in its listing. Across all fields, military workers of all ranks were most likely to be divorced by age 30, at a rate of 15 percent.  That raises a lot of questions about deployment, family support, the fear and stress of combat and even about the attitudes and make-up of the people attracted to those military jobs in the first place.  A lot of people wind up thinking of the military as their “family”.

The next highest divorce rates belonged to logisticians, automotive service technicians and mechanics, and military-enlisted tactical operations and air weapons. Mark Hamrick, a senior economic analyst at Bankrate.com explains, "Some of the most demanding professions can be hardest on marriage, either because of time spent away, persistent danger or insufficient pay.” (MarketWatch)

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