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The Coronavirus has now killed a half million Americans and nearly two and a half million people worldwide.  Those aren't the only numbers that matter. Thousands more of us are living in fear, are depressed, are abusing drugs, are considering suicide and are struggling to see hope for the future.  Yes, numbers seem to be coming down and vaccines are shipping out but is our mental health keeping up?

The evolving nature of the unknown in reporting is contributing to a level of fear that would seem to be disproportionate to the lethality of the actual risk of death that the Coronavirus represents.  In other words, people are more afraid than the numbers should indicate but the fear is real and the consequences of those fears are real.

In younger people, isolation, no school, no activities, no places to go are all taking a toll on mental health and risk of suicide.  Psychiatric nurse practitioner Marli Parobek PhD joins the Morning News to talk about the importance maintaining good mental health and getting help if you need it,

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