Yakima's annual Children's Miracle Network Radiothon is still a couple of months away but behind the scenes, work is underway. Part of that job is to interview the parents, family members, and sometimes the kids themselves who receive services at Children's Village, the Memorial Pediatrics Unit or, the Neonatal Intensive Care facility at Memorial.

Challenge Accepted

Over the years we have met some amazing people who when faced with crushing fear, disappointment, and an unknown future respond with incredible strength, patience, courage, perseverance, love, and faith. The resiliency of Central Washington's kids in dealing with life-threatening illnesses, crippling injuries, and life-long medical conditions is inspiring beyond words. It's been a privilege to get to know them, to help share their stories, and ultimately to help raise money to sustain the operation of Children's Village and the child-centered facilities at Memorial.

Meet the Amazing Moms

By the time we host the Children's Miracle Network Radiothon on October 15th, (not coincidentally a payday!) we'll have interviewed about a dozen of your Yakima valley neighbors but I wanted to give you a heads up on three of the stories we are working on so far. How these women can hold down jobs, be moms of special needs kids and balance their remaining time between husbands, other children, community activities and more is simply amazing!

The Gracious Ali

How would you handle this? Her beautiful baby boy stops his normal growth & development and regresses in strength, balance, energy, and more...something is wrong. Diagnosis: brain cancer at 6 months of age! Surgery, therapy, and recovery...only to catch a second wind and then receive a second diagnosis: Autism. Can you even imagine? Her peace, grace, and courage will inspire you.

Second Time's the Charm for Kathleen

One of the more unusual stories and yet one of the most important. Kathleen had a baby 5+ years ago and as a first-time mom, it wasn't easy for her. Her daughter was born and all was well with her but Kathleen struggled with breastfeeding, depression, and the process of becoming a mom. She felt the pressure of being the supermom in dealing with all the expectations that she would naturally know everything about being a mom and expectation that she would be good at it too. It was a tough transition and it delayed the thought of having another child. But five years later they did and the couple vowed this time things would be different. They connected with the maternity experts at the hospital and had all the support, love, and information she missed with baby number one. Her son is thriving and so is she and the rest of the family. Her story is an example of how Memorial can help all new moms with healthy kids.

Amanda's Surprise

Then there is Amanda. Her daughter was born, cute as can be, everything going great, and then just three weeks into this world of ours, little Maylen developed a cough. The kind of cough a three-week-old shouldn't have. The professionals at Memorial's pediatrics unit leaped into action and well, we'll have the rest of her story for you on October 15th.

We Can Do It

So between now and then, try to set aside a few dollars dedicated to the Children's Miracle Network. We need miracles around here every now and then and Memorial Hospital and Children's Village will deliver...with your help. So THANKS in advance for what you'll do on October 15th to help Central Washington's kids and families. YOU make Miracles happen!

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