We all are getting older.  Even those whippersnapper millennials.  But while we can't stop the process, it appears that we might be able to alter the appearance of the process.  And we could provide some amazing health benefits at the same time!

That's right, I'm talking  about reversing the signs of aging!  Now have we got your attention?

According to EurekAlert, a new discovery about the effects of aging in our cells could allow doctors to cure or prevent diabetes, fatty liver disease and other metabolic diseases - and possibly reverse the signs of aging!

So I have some fatty liver issues and this definitely has my attention.  (I figure I'm too far gone to worry about the whole reverse aging thing!)

Could it be that the appearance of the fountain of youth is the equivalent of taking a hot iron and ironing your cells?

The University of Virginia School of Medicine suggests that fatty liver disease and other unwanted effects of aging may be the result of our cells' nuclei – (the part that contains our DNA) getting wrinkled over time.

Doctors discovered that actually smoothing the wrinkles in our DNA , not with a hot iron but with the use of viruses, could actually restore the cells and have them function like they did when we were young!

What an amazing medical possibility. And ok, I would be interested in knocking a few years off the old profile too!   Maybe 65 could be the new 35!  I'm in!!


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