Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Canada knows!  We men are victimized by the flu more than our wives!

The stereotype is “Men don't deal as well with illness as women do” and many call this phenomenon –with a tinge of sarcasm- the "man flu."

And of course us men suffered in silence…well, actually we complain...a lot…but some new research backs up our contention.

Memorial University of Newfoundland researchers analyzed several studies and found evidence that "men have weaker immune systems than women, especially when it comes to common viral respiratory infections."  AHA! Vindication!!

All kidding and stereotype reinforcement aside, one study found men really are admitted to the hospital more frequently than women when they have the flu, and that men seem to face a higher risk of dying from the illness.

Another investigation revealed that in all respiratory illnesses, men face a higher risk for developing complications than women. See, we told you through our red eyes, runny nose and wheezing coughs.

Researchers say while more study is needed, the evidence shows the "man flu" has some basis in reality and it could mean that flu treatment should be tailored to address gender differences.

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