How many times have you been frustrated by the mainstream media in the past 24 months?  It is fodder for talk shows but bad for the country since they are supposed to be the neutral wall between hype, misdirection and outright lies.  Do you feel that they are?

Our consultant, businessman blogger buddy Tim Bryce doesn’t think so either and he wrote a recent column about it.  He told of his time covering campaign rallies in Tampa with a group that seemed to know the story before it happened!

“Interestingly, I observed all of the members of the printed press completed their articles prior to Mr. Trump taking the stage. When I read some of the copy the next day, it had nothing to do with what happened at the rally or what the candidate said. As a writer, I understand the necessity of getting copy out the door as quickly as possible, but I found it makes more sense to prepare the article as a template that can easily be completed based on what was actually said. However, I didn't observe this happening with the writers I saw present. They were not interested in reality, just producing copy that sells.”

That’s malpractice, a journalistic hangin’ offense as I was taught. But of course there is more. In today’s climate there is always more.

“From this initial experience, I concluded the MSM was not patriotic, had no appreciation of Deity, and their journalistic ethics were highly questionable. Their Achilles heel is they are pseudo intellectuals who honestly believe they are smarter than most Americans. I also feel they are being manipulated by their superiors. For example, we recently heard a lot about North Korea preparing to strike America with nuclear-tipped missiles, the defacing and destruction of American statues and monuments, and the anti-Hate movement. I predict this will all fade from view rather quickly and the MSM will refocus on Russia again”.

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