Take a letter...Dear Governor Inslee, no wait, too friendly for where we are now...so let's go with,  Governor Inslee...on behalf the Yakima County Commission  and the 250,873 residents of Yakima County (you remember Yakima County, you used to live here and you even represented us in Congress once, remember?) we would like you to act on four proposals including dropping the mask mandate!!!

Ok, so it probably didn't go down quite like that but the Yakima County Commissioners have written another letter to his imperial emergency powers empowered potentate, Governor Jay Inslee.

County Commissioner LaDon Linde came on the KIT Morning News Show this morning to talk about it.

Linde says the mathematics of "the science", including vaccine numbers, shows a level of significant progress in  the fight against COVID to the extent that County officials would like the Governor put to rest the thoughts or practice of segregating people based on their vaccination status.

When was the last time a landlord received a rent check during the pandemic?  For many it's been a long budget busting time.  On the one hand, out of work renters don't have the money to pay and that's understandable - to a point.  But with jobs begging for workers, the Commissioners say it's time for the Governor to lift the moratorium on rent. (Landlords are people too!)

As in a number of other states where the Governors lead by their actions, the Commissioners recognize that unemployment money is a life-line and a safety net for those who need it most, but "enhanced" unemployment is a disincentive for people to willingly return to work so they are asking the Governor to end that program.

Oh yah, then there is the matter of masks. Here's what the Commissioner had to say this morning..



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