You'll see the scene in the movies from time to time, like in Lethal Weapon Three.
(see the clip) It's the comparing of battle scars, wounds or injuries as a form of bonding.
So, let's bond -- from the top down!
Both eardrums ruptured, laser throat surgery, eyelid surgery, lasik eye surgery, torn right rotator cuff, broken right elbow, broken left wrist, broken right wrist, tip of left finger cut off, stomach ulcer, gall bladder removed, ruptured appendix, hernia surgery, ruptured patella tendon, broken right leg, dislocated right ankle-foot rotated 180 degrees! Oh, and bladder cancer surgery. Have we bonded yet?
Ok, suffice it to say I have a pretty full medical file and a pretty good idea of what pain is all about but science says you and me will have a better handle on pain IF our significant others can stay in the room with us.

Researchers from Austria found people could tolerate more pain when their loved one was in the room, even though they weren't allowed to speak to them or hold hands with them. The painkilling effect was even higher if the person's significant other was empathetic.

Nurse: Would you like to see Marvin now or would you like a little more Morphine?

Most patients:  Marvin Schmarvin, bring on the Morphine!

The Daily Mail reports that study leaders say there is an analgesic effects from social support, which may even occur without verbal or physical contact.
Thank heavens I have had a lot of loving support through my many calamities, now it only hurts when I laugh.  Ha Ha ouch...

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