Ah yes, it is that time of year again when that cherubic little boy we know as Cupid is out following his mother's wishes to make people fall in love. The ritual of buying candies, cards, flowers, and romantic movies along with other special treats for this day for the lovebirds to enjoy is in full swing.

I was talking with a few of my friends about what they were doing for Valentine's Day.

Anything special or what would they like to do to celebrate this day? One of the ladies said they would love to get love letters or notes that are hidden to be discovered. It was suggested that I watch the movie "The Notebook".

Noah and Allie The Notebook Movie
The Notebook New Line Cinema via Amazon Prime Video

I was told that the young man promised the lady who is the object of his affection, he would write her every day. Which he kept. (You have to see the movie for yourself for the rest of the story.).

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What I did come away with from that movie, was the thought of...Is the art of writing love letters gone or just writhing away on the vine?

I knew I had to boldly go where man fears to tread. Straight to my female friends both single and married to get their viewpoint. Here is basically, what was said. The art of writing love letters is withering on the vine due to the new quick communication via text making it more impersonal and disconnected and or it ran its course in the relationship.

Writing handwritten letters can be classified as generational. The older generation understands the value of it, while it is lost on the younger set.

While I go back to look at the responses, my friends have expressed how much they would enjoy a handwritten love letter. So there is a glimmer of light that still fills the spirit of Cyrano de Bergerac.


Also, remember that the men in your lives enjoy receiving those letters too.

Even Martha Stewart says it is time to reclaim the lost art of letter writing.


Handwritten letters are personal, full of creative self-expression, builds a deeper connection or relationship, tangible keepsake and it is a gift of time.

A gift that brings back cherished memories over time. So it might seem the art of writing a love letter is withering on the vine. But there is still life in the art; it is just waiting for us to discover its beauty. We just need to break out the pen paper and tap into our inner Cyrano.

Enjoy your journey of once again wooing your loved one with a very personal gift through the art of writing love letters.

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