Demonstrations Over Recent Grand Jury Decisions In Police-Involved Deaths Continue
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Another day, another attack on Donald Trump and his fledgling presidency.  As annoying as that might be, we better get used to it because the left shows no sign of slowing down and shows no level to which they’ll not stoop.  It would be rather funny if the future of the country wasn’t at stake. Honest debate has been replaced with hate and out consulting, businessman, blogger buddy Tim Bryce writes about that in his latest column:

All along, the Democrats have claimed Mr. Trump is unfit to serve office. His election represents a rebuke of their liberal values, which is a bitter pill to swallow. Consequently, the strategy of the Democrats has become a matter of manufacturing hate in order to turn the nation against the president. By embarking on such a campaign, they increase the political divide of the country.”

A protest march is one thing but the violence and vandalism directed at Trump supporters and public property is something else.  There are sore losers and then there are Trump derangement syndrome losers.  The mood offers no benefit of the doubt, no possibility of misunderstanding and it’s take no prisoners.

Tim Bryce says, “ So where does the hate come from? Maybe it has something to do with fear, such as the fear of the unknown, or more importantly a fear of change which is natural to humans. As a systems man, I am acutely aware of the problems associated with the implementation of a new system, that people will resist it as they have become content with the status quo, regardless if it has any foibles; it is what they are familiar with and what they understand. In the case of the villains mentioned earlier, they intimidated their citizens through fear of punishment or execution. President Trump has not made any such threats.  Perhaps it is as simple as the left is incensed their candidate lost and another person won, with different views and values which will derail their agenda. This should be more accurately labeled as “spite” or “bad sportsmanship.” They have, therefore, assumed a position of intolerance; that there is no room for disagreement or discussion, which presents a genuine threat to free speech and free thought.”

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