My wife is a teacher and I watched her work hard everyday to prepare and present on-line learning for her students during the past couple of months of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Not all students took advantage of the learning made available to them. Now that school is wrapping up for the year, educators everywhere will be assessing and determining how much learning actually got through and what gaps will need to be filled in this fall.

Research from our friends across the pond reported in the SUN , shows shows one in five kids in the UK are hardly doing any schoolwork during lockdown.  Nationally, kids are spending an average of only 2.5 hours per day on schoolwork, around half of what was previously thought.
A politician there says, “We have got to get our children learning again. These children, particularly the younger ones, are missing out on the most important parts of their lives and we are damaging their life chances in a huge way.”
It's unfortunate but you can't hang this on teachers. You can lead a horse to water -with a kid on its back- but you can't make that horse drink, or the kid either if he's too busy with video games or sleeping in!


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