Take this with a grain of salt but there is a new study published in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences that says your favorite type of music may say something about your intelligence.   British researchers found people with lower intellect preferred music with lyrics, rather than music with complex orchestrations.  (So all those classical music fans who think they are smarter than you may actually be right? Can that be right?)

Here's how they reached that conclusion. Teens (teens?) were told to rank their musical genres in order of preference, and then had their IQs measured. Those with the highest IQ scores displayed a clear preference for instrumental music (teens?) with a preference for genres such as jazz, classical, big band and ambient/electronica. (No Southern Rock?)

The idea here is the thought that more intelligent individuals seek more novel experiences compared to less intelligent people.  Does that ring true?

Researchers recognize that the study is limited and doesn't account for certain factors like age, level of education, and class. (thanks for that)  Time for a little "less intelligent" instrumentalism to cleanse my less intelligent palate!  Care for a little Allman Brothers "Jessica", anyone?






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