A while back I wrote a post about a lack of "Shared Experiences".  The point being we no longer really have any, short of natural disasters?  The melting pot is empty.  That which makes us all "Americans" is hard to find.  Our "set aside our differences for the greater good" button is stuck on "stop and you can't make me change."  For God and Country is now For Goods and Comfort.  Where is our sense of service to a cause greater than ourselves?

America's Psychosis

It's not good for us and not good for the country.  Our Florida friend, businessman, blogger, and political observer, Tim Bryce of Tampa has written a column called America's Psychosis and it's worth reading.

As Tim says," I sense a general malaise in the land, and, No, I do not believe the weather has anything to do with it. It’s been building for some time now, rivaling the level of angst in last year’s “Summer of Hate.” According to recent polls, Americans have lost faith in their government and other institutions (click HERE), such as schools, organized religion, and the media. Rasmussen reports Americans believe the country is heading in the wrong direction (click HERE), and President Biden’s approval ratings continue to plummet (click HERE). Americans feel beaten down and are becoming apathetic. When the people become despondent, and nobody is watching, this is when things start slipping in the back door, such as socialism."

The Time To Act Is Now

Our funk is not an excuse to do shut down and do nothing. In fact, it's just the opposite. It's time to get rolling.  We have to engage, despite the promises of President Biden, there is NOTHING about him or his policies that is going to unite the nation. SO we have to find a non-combative way to pull us back from the edge.  Not easy when half the country, the media, big tech, and giant woke corporations seem so willing to go over the edge!

Tim, "With all of the bad news being fed to us around the clock, is it any wonder we find ourselves in the doldrums?....We can no longer ignore the events of the day.... As I see it, we either start taking tons of anti-depressants or get off our ass and change the country, starting with cleaning out the government (through elections), and slamming the door on Fake News. Americans have to learn reactionary politics put the country in this dilemma. If we have any hopes of surviving this depression, we have to become proactive".

Check out that article and all of Tim's columns:  timbryce.com

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