In an earlier post we discovered why we gain weight as we age.  In this we find out how to fight that feeling!

A new study indicates the smell of lemon can make people feel thinner and lighter. Make mine a double!

The study was done at in the UK and it concluded that the aroma of lemon actually boosts body image and improves self esteem.  Make mine a triple"

A FOX News report on the study say each of us has several mental models of our own bodies appearance which are necessary for our successful interactions with the environment.

These body "pictures" are continuously updating and the study shows how the sense of smell can influence the image we have in our mind of our body and on the feelings and emotions we feel towards it.

Scientists think the discovery could lead to effective therapies for people with body image disorders or possibly to the development of interactive clothes and wearable technology that use smells to enhance people's self-confidence.

An interesting side note.  If you feel heavier, avoid vanilla.  The smell of vanilla had the opposite effect -- making people feel thicker and heavier.

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