14th District State Rep. Gina Mosbrucker is working from her Goldendale Washington home helping the state recover from COVID-19.  During an appearance on The Morning News on KIT on Thursday she discussed a variety of issues related the the pandemic.

  • Getting people back to work – the right balance: Rep. Mosbrucker has been appointed to the Governor’s Restart Task Force. Discussions are underway about how to get the economy and businesses safely restarted. There are immense concerns about the economy, but also balancing the ability to safely restart without increasing coronavirus infection. Infection rates in Yakima were beginning to plateau until Easter weekend, and now they are increasing. We have to strike the right balance to allow the curve to continue to drop, but get our economy back.
  • Labor and Workforce Committee conference call: As the ranking Republican on the House Labor and Workplace Standards Committee, Rep. Mosbrucker participated in a conference call with the committee, including Chairman Mike Sells, D-Everett. She brought Jon DeVaney, president of the Washington Tree Fruit Association in Yakima, onto the call. They discussed challenges for agriculture and food supply issues. There a big concern about food supplies going forward.
  • Ready to help: Mosbrucker’s office is available to help people navigate through state agencies for help – i.e. unemployment insurance. Her office can also help to direct people to the right resources, such as help for small businesses, how to get information on stimulus checks, social distancing, best practices.
  • Contact information: She can be reached through her Olympia office: (360) 786-7856. Her official cell number is 509-439-7426. Email is Website is:]

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