For every kid that ever struggled to get up and drag themselves to school, this study is for you!

University of Rochester Medical Center researchers found that when school starts before 8:30 a.m. it increases a student's risk of suffering with depression and anxiety.

AHA!  That just might explain a lot about my childhood....and all those traumatic "almost missed the bus" moments! (missing the bus meant five miles to school through the snow!)

A report on the study in the Daily Mail says the stress is a byproduct of pressure on children to get enough sleep. Study leaders say kids need to put down the technology and maintain a consistent bedtime routine.

Now for every parent that ever struggled with every kid who ever struggled getting up for school and who then got stressed and depressed in the process - there is this from the study.

"Better sleep hygiene combined with later school start times would yield better outcomes."

And the successful "outcome" is the reason for going to school in the first place!  Educators, are you listening?

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