A large sign warning of the danger of playing on the ice will soon be placed in the pond at Kiwanis Park in Yakima. Yakima Fire Chief Dave Wilson says the Yakima City Safety Committee decided against a large fence around the pond because it could hinder any future rescue efforts. Wilson says "imagine if a child climbed a fence and fell into the water. It would be tough for anyone to help if a large fence was surrounding the pond."

The action by the city was prompted by last winters’ incident in which four boys fell, ages 12 to 14 years old fell through the ice on the pond. Three of the boys were able to make it to shore with the help of a bystander who used a stick to reach pull them from the pond. A fourth boy however, fell through the ice 10 to 15 feet from the shore and spent a short time under water before he was rescued. A Yakima Police officer, Sgt. Tim Bardwell jumped in the water and pulled the unconscious boy from the cold water. The boy was rushed to a Childrens’ Hospital in Seattle where he spent several days being treated for hypothermia. The other three boys were treated at a Yakima hospital and released.

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