Crime at Yakima Parks, like Kiwanis Park, is on the rise according to a report by KIMA TV.

They pulled historical data for the past three years and have found that crimes in Yakima parks have risen with Kiwanis Park being among the worst.

This is not good news for Yakima on the heels of a second citizen survey that noted that Yakima residents do not feel safe in the city. Public Safety was once again the top priority for residents.

The overall crime rate for Yakima has gone down nine percent in comparison to 2012.

Police officials tell KIMA that they have not ramped up security at any of the parks, but they are regularly patrolled. They also acknowledge that Kiwanis is the park that they are called to most often.

One Yakima resident also noted that Kiwanis Park is a haven for the homeless and they are frequently sleeping in the park.

Other residents of the area said that they have seen several criminal acts at the park but say nothing out of fear for retaliation.