Thank you, Yakima. Thank you to all the people who are cleaning out their cars, tying up their trash bags, and making a point to picking up areas around them.

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Keep Yakima Clean is so much more than a FREE group on Facebook, it's a movement across the country, called different things in different places but the main concept is the same. It takes a village and we are all a part of the solution.

Rob Valicoff from Valicoff Farms was our VERY first sponsor, find out more about how easy and inexpensive it is to enjoy fresh fruit right in our Valley! Thank you Rob!

Trash is everywhere and there are SO many ways to get it off the streets. One way it's NOT going to get picked up? Complaining and blaming it on others.

You can report the areas of issue to the City of Yakima or whatever city you are from. This might shock you but there are actual people who are paid to pick up the trash, they just need to know it's turned into an issue. If it's a rental, please let the landlord know what is happening and it's their duty to take care of it.

I'd mentioned joining Keep Yakima Clean on Facebook so you don't miss out on any of the upcoming events. This month we had a sponsor to help get people excited to clean up. For each event attended you were entered into a drawing for a $70 gift card to spend at Vallicoff Farms! I got a chance to speak to the owner of Vallicoff Farms and he agrees with a team effort solution.

The winner of the first drawing is ... Shawns's daughter! No last names due to it being a minor are being protected. Keep cool and stay tuned for the next Keep Yakima Clean event!

The new sponsor is going to Candy Gurlz located on West Nob Hill and it will be for $100 hair, wax, or lashes!

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