In an on-line report CNN told us all that "justice" has been recognized as the word of the year.  "US publishing company Merriam-Webster has named the noun its Word of the Year for 2018, after it saw a 74% spike in look-ups compared with 2017.....the concept of justice was at the center of many of our national debates in the past year: racial justice, social justice, criminal justice, economic justice, the company said when explaining its choice."

It's not always clear what justice is.  Like beauty, it can often be in the eye-for-an-eye of the beholder.  However there is a case in Missouri where the punishment seems to fit the crime and for many, that defines justice.
As Fox News tells it, David Berry Jr. was one of three men from a southwest Missouri family convicted in the illegal killing of “several hundred deer” over three years, taking their heads, and leaving their bodies to rot.  Many of the Yakima area hunters and sportsmen I know would no doubt like a word or two of private re-education with a clown like that for another form of justice but i digress...
After pleading guilty, Berry Jr. was sentences to one year in jail in Lawrence County, as well as 120 days in jail in nearby county for felony firearms probation. That could have been the end of story but the Judge in the case had another story in mind.
As part of his sentence Berry, Jr. is required to view the Walt Disney movie Bambi, with the first viewing being on or before December 23rd, and then follow up at least one such viewing each month thereafter while he remains in jail.  You'll likely recall that the 1942 animated movie depicts the mother of the title character, Bambi, being killed by hunters.
With several hundred dead deer under his belt empathy from Berry Jr. will be a tough nut to crack but if any creature can, it would be the new Prince of the Forest - Bambi!

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