Naked wines dot com!  Hold on, it’s just a name but what it represents is really cool.  Naked wine is a new sponsor of the Morning News on KIT and its an International wine club.   If you have an interest in wine and an adventurous pallet, this might just be the perfect deal for you.

Naked Wines helps smaller wineries from all over the world get their  product out to consumers like you.  The wineries get help up front and you enjoy a 40-60% savings over retail!

They have a couple million reviews to help you make your way through the catalogue of 400+ wines of all kinds for all kinds of people.  One of the best features - you never get wine that you didn’t specifically order to your taste and there’s a money back guarantee.

Sound interesting? is the place to start.  Check it out, learn more about the “virtuous circle” and start helping wine makers make the exclusive wines that you will love!  And then share your experience with me!


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