If you've ever read one of my articles before, there's a substantial chance I mentioned my love for movies. Film, cinema, the arts. It's a big part of my life; an integral part of my personality. I don't just watch movies, I view them through a lens of admiration and deconstruction. I'm aware of each artistic choice being made whether it's by an actor, director, or even the cinematographer. Speaking of cinematography, one of the industry's most influential cinematographers is James Wong Howe.

Boxing Scene
1939: John Garfield (1913 - 1952) being filmed for a fight scene in 'They Made Me A Criminal'. The director Busby Berkeley is peering through the camera while the cameraman James Wong Howe kneels over Garfield. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Who was James Wong Howe?

James Wong Howe was a Hollywood pioneer, forever changing how movies were made. He was the first to incorporate various tools of the trade that have been mainstays since, for example, the use of wide-angle lenses and the crab dolly, which is used in pretty much every modern movie, especially action pictures. His career was one of acclaim, as Howe would be nominated for a total of ten Academy Awards for his work behind the camera. He won his second and last Oscar shortly before he died at the age of 76. Mr. Howe spent some of his childhood living in Pasco, Washington and it is widely believed he purchased his first camera there when he was a child. After his father died, Howe moved to Oregon to pursue a boxing career before settling in Los Angeles and working in the movie industry.

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