When it comes to Retiring, many people fantasize about moving to Arizona, Florida, or even California. However, there are plenty of places worth retiring to in the Pacific North West, so give us a chance to persuade you.

We picked out Three beautiful towns in the PNW and in Oregon. The state is perfect for those looking to enjoy their retirement, with beautiful weather, and within short traveling distance to plenty of vacation destinations. Let's dive in, this is

The Top 3 Gorgeous Cities You Could Retire in Oregon. 

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3.) Hood River

Hood River is a beautiful town and perfect for anyone trying to get back to the great outdoors. When you're looking for a place to retire and have friends around your age look no further, Hood Rivers's elderly rate sits at 18% of its population meaning we're not the only ones with the same idea. Average home sales have been sitting around $175,000 making it not only more affordable than Washington but more affordable than most places in the PNW. Don't forget about the great parks to help you reconnect with nature.

2.) Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls is a dream town, seriously something you'd find in a Hallmark movie. The City consists of the beautiful Klamath Lake perfect for boating, fishing, and other lakeside activities. The pure beauty alone is remarkable with plenty of activities for you to find throughout the year. The Elderly population sits at 17% and the average home price sits around $159,500 even more affordable for the elderly than Hood River.

1.) Ontario

No, we're not suggesting you move to Canada, however, Ontario Oregon is a beautiful city perfect for those looking to retire. With the highest population for 65 and over at 18% it's the perfect place to connect with others and enjoy your retirement while saving money. That's right homes here are selling at only $117.000. The town includes a beautiful downtown area, plenty to do and events constantly being planned for holidays and more. Perfect for anyone looking to retire and enjoy the smaller things in life.

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