When people think about filming movies they don't usually think of Washington State. No, they imagine the land of Hollywood or traveling to the ancient lands of Ireland or Egypt. However, a lot of today's blockbusters are just filmed in front of Green Screens at an undisclosed location.

However, some filmmakers are still looking for those beautiful views and shots to put into their movies. They could be looking for the perfect waterfront location to shoot a pirate film, or maybe a rigid mountain landscape for a supervillain's evil hideout.

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So why not come looking for those shots in Washington? Washington State officials have talked about trying to encourage Hollywood to come and film movies in Washington versus Canada. Offering Certain tax benefits to studios and filmmakers alike to truly capture Washington's beauty and immortalize it in a Marvel Movie. Or maybe just like a regular movie they used to make.

We wanted to offer up some of our favorite spots around this beautiful Evergreen state that would be perfect for filming any type of movie. Of course, we have a few ideas, but to truly capture the essence of Washington in a movie, there are certain places you just have to visit, which is why we made this list.


5.) Mt. Rainer

The mountain would be a perfect place for a Christmas movie or any kind of wilderness movie whether it's action, comedy, or horror. Mt. Rainer has a whole lot of untapped potential, especially for movies.

4.) Tacoma

Yes, they filmed the hit movie 10 things I hate about you here in Tacoma, only problem is that it was played off as Seattle. Sure Seattle is great, but if you want some Real Drama head south down to Tacoma.

3.) Ellensburg

I mean just look around, what a perfect movie for a western, s, or even just a college party movie. Either way, there's open land for them to spruce up with their Hollywood Magic.

2.) Monroe 

A smaller town when it comes to population, but let me tell you driving through this town makes you feel like you're in a covered wagon. Now that's not anything against this town, it's definitely modern, however, those backroads look like something from Little House on the Prairie.

1.) Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor has a lot going on as one of the faster-growing cities in the Pacific Northwest. It's a richer area with some beautiful scenery. Not only are the homes gorgeous but the waterfront is breathtaking. Perfect for any kind of movie surrounding the water, from a teenage summer movie to a remake of Friday the 13th.


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