We found ourselves in Spokane, WA, over the weekend. Not sure how the topic even came up but my kid said noodles sounded good.
Noodles always sound good to me so we figured, instead of hitting one of our usual spots, we'd find some type of noodle house in Spokane.
Of which there are several, by the way.
Spokane, Washington, has several options for noodles of all types whether it's Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and I suppose you could throw Italian in there as well, but when noodles was mentioned, some type of asian cuisine or even fusion would be welcome.
That's when I typed in the very basic 'best noodles in Spokane' into my phone and the first one that popped up had high marks from locals so we figured we'd check it out.

It lead us to this little shop so small if you blink you'll drive right past it, like what literally happened to me when I was looking for it.

Little Noodle on Garland Avenue.

They had a nice variety of noodle dishes including other options like spring rolls (which we also ordered) and items like musubi which we also love.

And when they say fusion, it doesn't get much more fusion than this pho-rito. It's a burrito with pho ingredients. They do the same with ramen as well.

Since the review that popped up the first one mentioned they enjoyed the garlic sesame noodles, that's what I ordered. I'm glad I did. They were amazing.

best noodles in spokane
John Riggs

My kid ordered the pho which they said was some of the best they've ever had. No complaints here.

They also had a full bar in the back with cocktails so that was neat. They also had beer, sake, soft drinks and Asian drinks like thai tea and ramune.

What we loved about this little place is that the interior, though small, was super cute. That was part of the fun experience. I'm a big dude but sat nicely in the corner of this restaurant.

little noodle spokane
John Riggs

Next time you find yourself in Spokane, you should check out Garland Avenue as there's a bunch of cool shops on that block and definitely check out Little Noodle. I'll be back for sure.

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