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Most people in Washington state are by now aware of the things they can’t donate to second-hand stores like Goodwill. They have adjusted to sending their furniture and other household items to other donation centers like the Salvation Army. There are many things we can donate to the Salvation Army but I was pretty shocked when I noticed this one thing that they want people to donate.

I will tell you about that shocking thing in a moment, but first, let me just give a shout out to the thrift shops of Washington. Through the sale of our used and discarded items, they are able to use the proceeds to help people get back on their feet toward financial independence. My own mother, for instance, was accepted in one of the job training programs at Goodwill and that job helped her survive financially right after my father abruptly passed away.

The Goodwill helps with Job Training
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In the case of the worldwide organization like the Salvation Army, they not only provide food banks to their local communities, they also help former prison inmates, elderly, veterans, homeless, displaced LGBTQ youth, plus they are available to assist regionally during natural and environmental crises.

Salvation Army Mascot in Toronto
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Celebrities, like Kevin Jonas, have been known to give public support to the Salvation Army.

Kevin Jonas promoting the Salvation Army on Giving Tuesday
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The S.A., as I like to call them, are able to connect with emergency personnel and help them get flights to where they can best serve during natural disasters. They also help get those in need of emergency flights in order to receive medical care. How are they able to do this so easily and affordably? The answer might shock you, too!

Delta SkyMiles
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What is this shocking thing that the Salvation Army wants us to donate to them?

Your airline miles from Delta Airlines.

I am shocked that people would donate their SkyMiles. Wow, now I feel so selfish, because I am not the one who could any of my SkyMiles, but I absolutely applaud those who do!. It has taken me months, if not a couple of years, to accumulate the airline miles I have from Delta (and they still aren't even enough to earn a free flight, grumble, grumble).


It is not really shocking though, that such generous and heartfelt people in Washington are willing to sacrifice their airline miles to help out someone in need!


The fine print of donating your Delta SkyMiles to the Salvation Army: Donating your Delta SkyMiles does not entitle you to a tax deduction. So even if your SkyMiles are worth the price of a free flight, you cannot write that flight value off as a donation on your tax return.

For more details on donating your Delta SkyMiles, visit the SkyWish website here.

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