Did Washington State Have Any New Laws Pass for 2023?

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It's a brand new year and with the arrival of 2023 welcomes new laws for Washington State residents. More money for workers, more care for the environment and more assistance to the homeless are currently in effect

1) Minimum Wage

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In 2023 Washington State's minimum wage rises to $15.74 per hour, where employees are required to pay workers the minim for each hour worked. That is up from $14.49 as of 2022

 2) Salary Information

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No more guessing games. As of January 1st, 2023 when posting a job, you must also provide the salary information. State Bill 7691 says that businesses with 15 or more employees must disclose the hourly wage as well as the salary on job listings and that employers are allowed to negotiate for a higher salary than what is posted

3) Court Fines and Restitution


Under a new law, a court may refrain from imposing or relieve an offender of the requirement to pay full or partial restation and accrued interest on restitution to an insurer or state agency – except that owed to the Department of Labor & Industry under the crime victim compensation program.

That would occur if the court finds the offender does not have the current or ability in the future to pay restitution.

4) ID Cards for Those Who Are Homeless


A new program allows those that are homeless to acquire a one-time i.d or renewal that has been funded by taxpayers to allow Washington State homeless individuals to have a better shot at gaining employment. It looks like over 15,000 Washingtonians could benefit from this program

5) Uber Driver Advanced Benefits

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There is good news for Uber Drivers in Washington State based on a city's population, drivers now will be making a minimum of $1.17 to $1.38 per mile and on the low end, $3 to $5.17 per trip.

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