Mmm! Getting hangry!

If you're getting used to living in Yakima, you're probably wondering where is the best local place to go for a good breakfast. I see this question asked all the time, whether it's somebody who just moved to town or somebody who's been here a while but wonders where the locals recommend.

When I first moved to Yakima, my new boss loved having all of our staff meetings at Waffles Caffe. That is why this local breakfast joint will always have a place in my heart.

The other local spot that gives me the warm and fuzzies for breakfast is Backwoods Cafe. This was the first place I took my daughter out to eat for breakfast when she was a wee toddler.

My kiddo made a huge mess all over the floor and the high chair, and I tipped my server very well!

Backwoods Cafe
Backwoods Cafe via Google Maps


Don't let the "backwoods" part of the name throw you off; you'll get some very friendly service and the only thing backwoods about it is maybe they'll serve you coffee creamer in a glass dish that looks straight out of your grandma's kitchen cupboards.


We've talked about the best breakfast places in Yakima before and given some great recommendations for "all day" breakfast spots in town, but seeing as how it's the year 2024, it's time to update the list. There are some new places in town on the list to get your breakfast fix (see the gallery below).

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The Top 7 Best Places Locals Get Breakfast in Yakima

Mmm! Getting hangry!😋 🥓🍳

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby


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