I have never moved to another city or state to look for love. I actually moved away from my city to get away from love.

Picture it, 1923, Sicily…


Actually, it was 2002, Nashville.

The (what I thought was) the love of my life was getting married to some hussy that wasn’t me. I just received a job offer to move some 2,000 miles away and I took it because my heart was broken.

When I arrived in the Pacific Northwest, looking for love was the last thing on my mind.

Fast forward to today, when I am single as a Pringle and ready to mingle. At one time, I had considered starting a long distance relationship with this guy I met in Canada, but after deep reflection, I decided that is just a bridge (and a Border Patrol gate) too far, even for me!

4 Best (and Worst) Cities and Towns to Move for Love in WA

I guess I am an anomaly, because a recent study shows that Washington state is the #1 destination for people who move for love.

Seattle is the most popular place people are flocking to be with their long distance partners.

The other two Cupid-esque cities people are moving to shack up with their special someone include Vancouver and Tacoma.

Tacoma is a huge city, so that tracks. I haven’t been to Vancouver, so I can’t speak to that town, but it’s pretty close to the greatly populated and metropolitan city of Portland, Ore., so that tracks, too.

The high cost of living in each of those cities will be a shocker to the newbies, though!

Spokane, Kent, and Bellevue were pretty unpopular options for long-distance couples. These three cities came in below #206 on the list from DatingAdvice.com.

No matter which city in Washington you end up moving to be with your sweetie, I wish you well!


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