✈️ Alaska Airlines is getting nonstop flights from Portland to Nashville. MUSIC CITY, here we come!  🎉🎉🎉"

Beginning in March 2024, we can book direct flights from Rose City to Music City.

✈️ PDX 🔜 BNA

11 Weird Ways That Portland Is Really Just Like Nashville - PDX TO BNA

This flight news makes me so freaking happy, you have no idea. Nashville is my hometown, so any chance to get there on a direct flight, I'm going to jump at the chance. That got me thinking about how in many weird ways, Portland is really just like Nashville. I ought to know--I spent 27 years of my life growing up in Nashville and have spent almost as many years living in the Pacific Northwest.

Growing up in the country music capital of the world gives me a unique perspective on the news that Alaska Airlines sealed the deal on the nonstop Nashville route (sorry, Bronson, Missouri, you don't get a word in edgewise on this).

I must confess when I read about the new direct flight to Nashville news, I did a little dance in my kitchen. I hope nobody was a Peeping Tom through my curtains!


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✈️ I haven't been able to visit my hometown since my 12-year-old child was THREE! Time has flown by fast because it doesn't seem like it was seriously nine years ago. My mom, favorite cousins, aunties, and uncles still live in Tennessee, so I get homesick a lot. Looking at the current price of flights these days, however, hasn't filled me with hope to go back home for a visit.

That is my only worry about Alaska Airline's great news. It's probably going to cost me an arm and a leg (and a kidney and a cankle)!

For the past few years, flights to BNA have had multiple layovers and have cost at least $600+ per person. Buying flights to Nashville for two people is pretty pricey.

I'm hoping Alaska Airlines comes through for me with AFFORDABLE plane tickets.


11 Weird Ways That Portland Is Really Just Like Nashville

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby

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