Do you say soda, pop, or soft drink?

Do you sit on a couch, sofa, or divan?

Do you drink at a tavern or is it a type of meal?

No matter where you’ve grown up, you’ve heard slang terms from people that you didn’t quite understand.

Comedian Brian Regan has a bit about his New Jersey roommate wanted to split a pie with him. He was looking forward to a tasty dessert, only to realize that he was about to go halves on a pizza.

Whether it’s a family member from Arkansas or movies and shows, we’ve been taken' aback by a term that we had to get clarification on.

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This goal was to see which slang terms from states were more understood vs. what was super confusing!

woman jumping up on a beach, with a thinking emoji looking at her. Background of a graphic of America and the different 50 states.

Out of all 50 states, slang terms from Maine confused the most people with 88.18% of respondents answering incorrectly about slang from that state.

The most understood slang came from (surprising to me) Arkansas. I wonder if we can thank Jeff Foxworthy and his redneck jokes for southern clarification.

Where does the west coast land on slang terms? How understandable or the 'lack of' are we compared to the other 47 states?

Out of the 3 West Coast states, Washington was the MOST understood landing at the 47th spot.

California was on the smarter side of the middle landing at 31.

And Oregon was least understood West Coast state; taking spot number 27.

Remember, the higher the number, out of 50, the more likely your state’s slang terms are understood.

To see the full break down and to learn why a ‘sloppy joe’ is called a ‘tavern’ in South Dakota, check out

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