It's been closed for what seems like forever! Many people in the area (especially workers in Union Gap) are getting pretty annoyed that they don't have their quick stop for lunch available to them. So that just begs the question, what's happening? Will and if so, when will the Taco Bell on 1st and Washington ever open again?

It has been closed for quite a while now, so much so that I wrote an April Fools article poking fun at the fences surrounding the establishment. Telling a tale of how this will be the new temporary jail for law enforcement.

It was filled with cheesy puns and a fun exercise to let my imagination run wild. Many people read the article and appreciated the laugh. (If you, by chance, missed it, you can check it out here).

"It's been closed so long, it might as well re-open as a Spirit of Halloween!" - Anonymous

When is that location finally going to open back up to the public? It's no real secret that the branch has been under remodeling, tackling each branch location one at a time, but have they all taken this long? I guess good and cheesy things will come to those who wait. Word on the street (WTF Yakima) is that remodeling is almost done, and it looks to open back up in early July (hopefully late June).

World's Most Beautiful Taco Bell

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