This is a weird time of year in the Pacific Northwest. It's not quite winter, not quite spring. Heck, the leaves are still on many of the trees from last year. Just when I think we're done with the snow, we get news that the snow and cold temperatures are coming!

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Before I came to work, I teased my wife about the snow on her car (pictured above) and Snowmageddon! "Don't Jinx It!" was her quippy response. She then reminded me that 11 years ago, over a foot of snow was on the ground at the end of March!

How would she know that? Well, our wedding anniversary is March 30th, and on our wedding day in 2013, it was beautiful with perfect sunny weather. The year before that, while searching for wedding venues, we did so in shin-deep snow!

On top of this is the reminder that we ARE STILL IN WINTER (till March 20th). The groundhog predicted more winter, and other states are getting bashed with blizzards! So for this, I'm grateful we have been spared a harsher, more extended snow season. Yakima got a dusting, and my cousin in Oregon was excited about the light snowfall that she received in Troutdale, Oregon (pictured below). Yeah, my cousin likes the snow, probably because she doesn't have to shovel it!

Snow on the ground with farm equipment
Pic courtesy of Sam Tilley


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