So as I was driving down I-82 to the tri-cities this past Sunday (yes, to get Texas Roadhouse, you can read my thoughts about that here), I was almost involved in a wreck. I would say accident, but there was nothing accidental about it. Someone in front of me slowed way down, which caused several cars (me included) to hit the brakes harder than we would have liked.

My Driving Experience

Before I go into what happened, I want you to know my driving history and why I have a valid opinion on the matter. I worked as a medical courier for 13 years. My main route was driving to Kennewick daily, regardless of road conditions. I’ve had many conversations with law enforcement; not all of them were initiated by me, but I did ask questions in each. Especially when my life, the other driver’s lives, as well as the people connected to the medical samples I was transporting were all on the line.

medical courier

What Happened!

The first car slowed down, not because of an accident, an animal, or a hitchhiker. Nope, he slowed down for a cop. Usually, I’d say, good, thanks! But the cop car did NOT have its lights on, no lights at all. So there is NO NEED TO SLOW DOWN. I imagine the driver was going faster than 70 mph, saw the officer, and hit the pedal to slow down quickly to avoid a ticket.

Driving getting a ticket

Why This Action is Wrong & Dangerous

Police officers, especially highway patrol, sit on the sides of the road for many reasons. Yes, it is to catch speeders, but sometimes it’s to finish some paperwork. Sometimes it’s to take their breaks or lunches. You don’t need to change lanes or slow down unless their lights are on.

If you spot the cop, chances are, if they’re looking for speeders, they’ve already spotted you, and you’re done. Hitting your brakes is not going to save you. Think about it. What looks more obvious, a car going fast, with traffic, or a vehicle PITCHED FORWARD FOR NO REASON? Slamming your brakes just shows guilt. All you’re going to do is, slow down traffic and possibly cause an actual wreck to happen.

Car Wrecks

Other Thoughts.

Talking to some family members about this, I realized that the same drivers who slam on their brakes on the freeway are probably the same drivers who run red lights. I have a few reasons for thinking this. They are in a rush, don’t think, and obviously don’t care about the safety of others as long as it shaves those precious seconds off their commute time.

What do you think? Agree or disagree with me? Tap the App, send a message and let me know.

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